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Artistic Director: Ágnes Halkovics

Jazz And More is a gospel-, musical and jazz choir, conducted by its music teacher founder Ágnes Halkovics.
"Benczúr House" was the home of the choir until September 2008; more recently the "Láng" House of Culture has taken the choir under its wings. Most of our members – an ensemble of almost 50 singers – are university students, but many of them rehearse after working hours simply for the pleasure of it.
Most of our singers are qualified musicians and play musical instruments. Many of them take on solo singing and acting roles on stage.
The choir's repertoire includes gospel songs, transcriptions, classical hits, jazz standards and musicals. Stage-setting and choreography are basic elements of our productions as music and dance are so bound up with each other. Humour and improvisation in music also often find their way on stage.
Jazz And More won the prestigious "Fringe" award in spring 2006 – as honour of profession.
Tours abroad: 2004 – Italy; 2006 – France, Germany; 2007 – Netherlands; 2009 – Germany, Croatia.
The choir has performed in festivals in Budapest and throughout Hungary. We often appear on CD and in TV recordings, and also sing at weddings and business events, and in theatres and clubs. We have performed with many professional pop and musical artists.